Therapy is Specific not General

Published on March 16 2020

The recent past has seen yoga gain immense popularity in the West. It largely owes its popularity to the therapeutic benefits offered by regular practice. General yoga classes are capable of healing aches, pains and others through asanas involving stretches and physical movements. However, unlike popular misconception, performing poses is only a part of yoga practice. In fact, yoga is beneficial for people who cannot move at all. For; it addresses every aspect of life rather than a specific body part or system. It is a unique combination of breathing and meditative techniques, along with physical postures.

Complementing Medical Treatment

Well, although all yoga is therapeutic, yoga therapy is different. It is the application of poses and other techniques tailored to an individual or group’s unique needs. For instance, the asanas and pranayama taught to students suffering from back pain is significantly different from those taught to heart patients. In fact, asanas are designed to suit the individual needs of the student. A student with severe back pain may perform a pose with limited bends, compared to another student whose severity of pain is lower. It is therefore; important to understand that yoga therapy is not a one-size-fit all solution. Therapists are trained to understand the student’s problem and weave the class around it, while making space for individual limitations. Sequences are designed on a case-to-case basis. Moreover, therapists take one step at a time. Only one or two poses may be taught in the first class, which slowly graduate along with the student’s health condition and comfort. Therapists may advice home practice in accordance with the student’s abilities. New students may be asked to practice pranayama and simple poses. Students attending regular classes but new to yoga therapy may be given more poses for home practice. So, yoga therapy sessions, unlike general yoga classes are designed in tune with individual student needs.

Yoga therapy is known to strengthen the heart, lungs, muscles as well as digestive system. However, it is complemented with medicines, but not substituted. Clinical research has shown the reduction and elimination of medicines with regular therapeutic sessions under the supervision of a trained therapist.

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